Acne No More Review

Acne No More Book – by Mike Walden

 Acne is a seriously common condition that effects millions of people. Adults can get an adult acne variation of it. Teenagers get it throughout puberty and for a short time afterwards. It can be caused by many things, such as diet, lifestyle, hormones, and stress. And everybody wants to get rid of it, preferably without the dreaded formation of acne scars. I am one such individual, and searched around for many different methods I could use to get rid of pimples and acne all naturally. And I think I may have found my first answer that isn’t a scam like ProActiv.

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What is the Acne No More Book?

This is a 220 page book on acne treatment, developed by Mike Walden. He himself found that his acne, which began at puberty, pursued him into adulthood with no end in sight. He couldn’t get a lock on what exactly the causes of his specific cause of acne were. A decade of this left him depressed, and he decided he had enough. His following years of research into natural treatments for acne that would last even after you stopped the program was compiled into the book you see before you.

Not too unlike Walden, I decided to start looking into natural cures after having extremely negative experiences with commonly used acne treatments, like Proactive or Clearasil. With Proactive, you get a system that is designed to stop working immediately after you end your subscription. So you get adequate (not great) acne fighting while on the system, but if you ever want to stop you’ll see all your acne coming back. With clearasil, although a cheap solution, you also get temporary solutions, and effects take longer to see and disappear twice as quickly. I wanted an end-all solution to finish off my acne for good, and so I decided to delve into Acne No More.

 Who Is Mike Walden?Mike Walden, author of the acne no more book

I never invest in a product without doing some research into it first. I was pretty impressed, most reviews of the program are praising its ability to fight acne, while there are also a few negative testimonies. Negative testimonies are good, no real product is going to have 100% approval rating with everyone, and everyone’s body is different. Not everyone is going to see results with this acne treatment, but I figured that it was worth a shot if more people were seeing good results than those who saw negative results at all. Mike Walden is a certified nutritionist as well as an established author, and he graduation from the University of Missouri. His reputation made me intrigued enough to give the book a real shot at clearing up my skin.

  Acne No More Book – Details

Of course, it would be illegal for me to tell you everything that is in the Acne No More Book. I am able to give you guys a general idea of what to expect if you do decide to get the book though.

I’m not going to lie, by the point I had started the book I was getting a little optimistic and excited. It seemed that people had seen some real results with it, and that inspired me to trust in it a bit more. What I found was:

  •     The book focuses on how to treat acne at it’s base cause, rather than treating symptoms of a problem. And acne in itself is a symptom of other problems, such as hormone imbalance or bad diet. In respect to this, Walden targets your diet, how to cleanse your body internally, and how to reduce stress as his primary methods of curing acne naturally.
  • Walden also warns of the problem with using common topical gels to treat your acne, as they will reduce the amount of oil that your body is naturally producing for your skin. This oil protects your skin, so by relying on topical gels you are not only short handing yourself with a temporary solution, you are making your skin more susceptible to future problems.
  • To avoid all this, you can adopt the natural methods of the book such as an improved diet and exercise routine. The diet does primarily focus on all natural foods and vegetables/fruits, so anyone who is a vegetarian has an advantage towards achieving clear skin sooner. This type of all natural diet is meant to bring balance to your body’s hormones, as well as provide a natural cleansing element to help get rid of toxins from junk you’ve been eating in the past that is otherwise making its way out of your body through the pus in your acne.

 My Personal Results:

This book is very informative, and completely grounded in science and logical. There’s no BS included in the pages, and it generally stays easy to follow understand. There’s not a single step that you don’t understand exactly why you are enacting a change.
After using this system, I noticed immediate change in 72 hours. I had no new pimples, and my existing acne had gone down quickly. Within a week, I saw a significant reduction in all my acne. Two weeks later and my skin was completely clear. More than that, it had a slight glow and my skin tone overall was more even. It’s been six weeks since I started following this book and my skin is getting closer and closer to “model/actor” level quality. I’m starting to get random compliments too.


Acne No More Book – Perceived Pros and Cons:


  • Mike Walden’s book and these methods are tried and proven, and the added bonus of being natural methods only. Because of this, there is very little chance of side effects
  • The book and reasoning behind why you should follow it are very easy to comprehend
  • These methods are long lasting and provide various other benefits to your skin when you follow them
  • There is a 60 day money-back guarantee, which means you get a 2 month trial period (more than you ever get with ProActive by the way).


  • This is primary for acne caused by diet or hormone imbalance, other causes of acne are not very well covered in the book, so few people may see absolutely no results at all.
  • At the moment, this is only available online.

How To Get The Book

You can get the acne no more book right off their official website by pressing the link below. It’ll be purchased through the ClickBank system, which means you get a free 60-day money back guarantee with the purchase.

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With a free 60 day money back guarantee, if you still have suspicions about the program you can go ahead and try it, and if you find it’s honestly not helpful just get your money back. No risk and high reward.

Mike Walden Review – Conclusion:

I’m glad I did my research into Acne No More to determine it wasn’t likely to be a scam. This got me to try the program out personality, and I was not disappointed with the effects it had on clearing up my skin from blemishes. I hope that at the very least, if you or someone you know has an issue with acne, you will give this program a shot to try and cure their issues. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Mike Walden did a good job constructing an acne treatment system.

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie

Diabetes Mellitus or Type 2 diabetes is a very prevalent disease. Many people view diabetes as the end of the world because it means life long insulin shots and watching very closely to what you eat. But not anymore. Diabetes can now be completely reversed if you are ready to make some lifestyle changes and stick to a proper diet. Dr. Max Sidorov’s “7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie” talks about just that. This book has scientific facts and results from research that prove that you don’t have to take pills or shots to cure diabetes.


About the Author

Max Sidorov, the author of 7 Habits to Health, is a nutritionist and fitness trainer who has been in the health industry for almost a decade. He has travelled the world and met many doctors, nurses and scientist to understand the foundation of health. He believes, for good health, a person’s psychological and emotional aspects are as important as the physical aspects. He also believes in the conspiracy theory that doctors and big pharma companies are duping people. According to him big pharma companies pay doctors to prescribe their medicines, even though cheap alternatives are available.

How the book works

“7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie”, is a comprehensive guide to tackling diabetes naturally. It’s 30-day diabetes plan, not only provides step-by-step instructions on what to do but also why it needs to be done. For example,

  1. Certain foods like fats, meat and meat products, should be avoided as they worsen diabetes
  2. Excessive consumption of coffee, tea and salt should be avoided
  3. Over consumption of white sugar increases the occurrence of diabetes in the population. Sugar also affects a person’s immunity and causes weight gain.
  4. Fast foods must be completely avoided as they contain high fat.
  5. White food such as pasta has high gluten content

The focus of this book on low fat natural foods, which are easy to digest, help remove toxins from our body and reduce weight.

What you get in the book

This 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie is available as a pdf file which can be accessed on your digital media, and is packed with information. Included in the book are:

  1. A guide to identify various types of fats and sort them into healty and unhealthy categories
  2. How artificial sweetners and diet sodas adversely affect your liver, kidneys and thymus gland
  3. A case study from Norway, on how diabetes was reversed in 18000 people
  4. Common everyday spices that boost metabolism
  5. 5 bonus books : MSG and your health, Amazing health from water, The secrets of antioxidants, Miracle of Sleep, Dangers of Microwave radiations in your house

The book offers these and a lot more

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Frequently asked questions

Can I stop using medications if I follow this system?

Most definitely yes. Though it is not a good idea to stop immediately. While natural healing is the best, it is also the toughest. Eating the same kind of food everyday could be an issue. You could start following the diet plan given in this book and slowly wean off medications. It is also a good idea to check with your medical practitioner before completely stopping medications

I have Type 1 diabetes. Will this work for me?

In type 1 diabetes, the beta cells in pancreas that are responsible for insulin generation are dead. Hence this plan does not work. However, this plan can be used to bring about a change in lifestyle which can reduce the insulin requirement even in type 1 diabetes.

Pros and Cons of the book

The pros of the book are:

  1. It is packed with information and written in a simple language
  2. Illustrated recipes are a great plus point
  3. The support system provided by the book is everything that you need to manage your diabetes yourself
  4. The 60 day no-questions asked 100% money back guarantee is a life saver in case you are not satisfied with the book

The cons of the book are:

  1. This book talks a lot about various conspiracy theories surrounding the big pharma companies. It could be debatable as unnecessary
  2. This book demands a lot of life style changes, like giving up coffee, alcohol and meat
  3. You would have to convert to a complete vegan if want to get results from this method

My Experience with the book

I was suffering from chronic diabetes and was on metformin. My doctor had suggested typical diabetes centered diets which was boring.

When I first came across this book, “7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie”, I was very skeptical. Cure diabetes naturally? It seemed impossible.

I anyway decided to order it online. I was surprised when I received the soft copy of the book immediately after payment.

Still expecting it to be a scam, I started reading the book. I found it to be a page turner. I finished reading the whole book in one sitting. It was very informative and easy to understand.

I decided to give Sidorov’s technique a shot and have not turned back since then. It has been 6 months since I started following the routine suggested by the book. I has helped me to reduce my metformin intake. In my next doctor’s visit, I plan to ask if I can completely stop medications.


7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie, is a complete guide for anyone who wants to reverse their diabetes and stop using medications. It has a detailed easy to understand methods which can be used by everyone. However, it is not a magic pill which would cure diabetes in a single day. It requires a certain amount of dedication and a great deal of willpower and effort from your end to make it work. But all this would be worth it, if you could stop medications completely.

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Jen Ferruggia Review – Bikini Body Workouts

Jen Ferruggia Review Bikini Body Workouts

…helped me lose my pregnancy pounds


Three years ago, I experienced the joy of welcoming my first son into this world. My pregnancy had been a time of happiness and wonder, making me oblivious to the forty pounds I was packing on.


After my son was born, that added weight made itself very evident. I no longer could mistake the weight as my pregnancy. These forty pounds were definitely all me, myself, and I.


Whenever I had a spare minute, I spent the time surfing the net for help.  I needed to lose those inconvenient, unsightly pounds in order to become my old, energetic self again. Actually, I just wanted to lose enough weight in order to not qualify as “fat” anymore.


I tried diets I came across on the internet, invested in supplements for weight loss, questioned my friends about their exercise tips, read a bunch of health and fitness magazines, purchased a stairmaster, and even attended the gym on a regular basis. My result was just extreme exhaustion, yet no significant weight loss.


I felt doomed to lug those extra pounds around with me for life. My prospects of weight loss appeared slim (no pun intended).


For lack of a hobby, I continued searching the net for a miracle. One day I ended up on the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts website. It seemed like one of the many online weight loss systems I had tried. However, each time I thought that this might just be another useless program which I should not waste my time on, something about Ms. Ferruggia’s program would grab my attention and force me to continue reading about it. It ranked with higher rated programs like the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide.

First, I liked her explanation of how the exercises would induce fat loss as well as build a better shape. I also appreciated seeing all the realistic before and after photos that accompanied the many testimonials.  If this worked for all of those ladies, I could entertain the thought that I also could shed my extra weight with this Bikini Body Workout system.

There were so many factors that convinced me to give this program a try.  I will provide you with a quick synopsis:

The Creator

Jen Ferruggia, creator of the Bikini Body Workouts, used to be a star athlete and studied exercise movement.  She has trained tons of women, lending her the hands-on knowledge of which exercises work best to achieve whatever desired result.  After ten years of fine-tuning her workout techniques, she was ready to publish her system to attaining a Bikini Body.  Just one look at her physique convinced me that she has done her homework.

The System

Jen Ferruggia’s program should be called the Bikini Body System because she presents more than simply a workout regimen.  If you follow her instructions, you will soon be living by a system of healthful lifestyle habits.  You will learn not only how to work out efficiently, but also how to eat healthfully and change your entire way of living.

Here is what Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body program features:

Complete workout videos so you understand how to perform each exercise

  • Accompanying workout guide to complement the videos
  • Nutritional guide to lead you toward healthful eating habits
  • Shopping guide to facilitate your new cooking endeavors
  • Supplement guide to help you differentiate between helpful and hurtful supplements
  • Booty Blast bonus providing you with 21 days of belly- and butt-blasting mini-workouts

There are no empty promises, no hopes for a miracle, no expensive machines to purchase… just plain and simple changes toward a healthful lifestyle.  Consider Jen Ferruggia as your coach in learning how to adapt beneficial habits which will transform your life as well as your body as you begin shifting toward a leaner, more sculpted physique.

The Requirements

The Bikini Body Workout requires just a fraction of what other programs do.  Here are some of the common program requirements which you will not have to contend with:

You will not be required to starve since Jen Ferruggia is not a proponent of calorie counting.

  • You will not be required to consume bland foods or powdery concoctions thanks to the delicious meals you will be learning to prepare.
  • You will not be required to purchase expensive exercise machines or gym memberships because the workouts can be performed within your own home using simple objects.
  • You will not be required to exhaust your body or your free time because the exercises take up only short time periods.

In fact, Ms. Ferruggia’s Bikini Body requirements are simple: To replace your old routine with beneficial, new habits.

You will learn how to inject many healthful habits into your regular schedule, allowing you to continue your daily activities while shifting them toward more healthful choices.

Instead of eating a greasy, nutrient-free burger, you will eat a nutritious dish.

  • Rather than wasting time in the fast food line, you will use your provided shopping list and recipes to swiftly buy and prepare healthful foods.
  • Instead of watching an extra hour of reruns on T.V., you will watch and work out to one of Jen Ferruggia’s 45-minute videos.

The Results

My pictures show it all.  After spending 3 years resigned to the belief that I was stuck in my post-pregnancy body, it took me only 3 months to lose the extra weight by following the Bikini Body system.

It was pure joy watching the fat slowly vanish from all my stubborn areas.  Within just weeks of starting my Bikini Body Workouts, I began to enjoy the view in the mirror once again.

I felt like I was watching an artist slowly sculpt a newly chiseled physique over the course of a few weeks.  The artist took away the unbecoming bulges of fat and added perfectly placed curves of muscle tone.

This new, lighter physique is more fun to look at, to dress, and to carry around.  There is no uncomfortable, 40-pound baggage to lug around on a daily basis.  I have so much more energy now, which I can devote to my new lifestyle.

Beside workouts and nutritious meals, I also spend my extra energy on fun activities like going to the beach or dance clubs.  My body is fit to be seen in the cutest bikinis as well as mini dresses.

The Verdict



  • Inexpensive: The program and any suggested additional tools are very affordable.
  • All-inclusive: It includes guides for exercising, nutrition, supplements, and grocery shopping.
  • Time-efficient: You work out just four times per week.
  • Simple: The exercises are easy to learn via the videos and the guide.
  • Productive: You will notice many positive changes very soon.
  • Delicious: The meal plans are varied and tasty.
  • Satisfying: Jen Ferruggia does not endorse calorie restriction.
  • Convenient: You can do the workouts from the comfort of your home.



  • Further expenditures: You should invest in a resistance band and dumbbell.
  • Beginner exercises: The routine might not challenge seasoned fitness fanatics.


If I had to sum up this review in four words, I would say that Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workout equals “fewer requirements, more results.”


I am a happy girl.  Seeing my bikini body in the mirror on a daily basis is all the motivation I need to continue with the Bikini Body lifestyle.  Hopefully this review can motivate other ladies and guide them toward a more healthy body with chiseled curves as well.